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Brand Values: Honor Innovation · Ultimate Design · Set the trend

Honor innovation: Light up a brilliant life with technological innovation, brace revolutionary innovation, and construct sustainable brand development.
Ultimate Design: Start with users’ fundamental needs, integrate ultimate design into life, so as to change life and improve users’ experience.
Set the trend: Create quality work with leading position and set the future trend of the industry.

Brand Concept

We advocate: Bringing beautiful, quality, smart and environment-friendly 3C electronic products to consumers all the time, surprising consumers while emphasizing practicability in life.

We pursue: Warm companionship with technology, meeting the multiple-scenario application needs of smart phones, deeply integrating excellent product design with technological innovation and setting the trend of future life.
We promise: Understanding users’ diverse personal appeals with their stance all the time, Each product is independent, and each deliberate detail is an art.

Brand Mission: Create value with ingenuity and change life with technology

Yiikoo combines ingenuity and the concept of ethical fashion, dedicates itself to providing consumers with safe, environment-friendly, dependable and durable electronic consumer products, and makes life more carefree and wonderful.

Brand Vision: Become a leading global brand of electronic consumer products

Yiikoo sticks to creating more perfect application demands for different user groups, fully improving the brand features and service connotation of the products, and strengthening the international image of the brand, and aspires to becoming a leading global brand of electronic consumer products.