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Why choose YIIKOO over OEM?

10 reasons to opt for YIIKOO

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YIIKOO is cheaper than OEM

● With own manufacturing capabilities YIIKOO offers cost benefit in multiple ways

● Components – Since we source components ourselves, our manufacturing is extremely cost effective

● Quality – Component sourcing allows us to maintain quality levels there by reducing subsequent replacement/logistics cost

● Economies of scale – With presence across major markets YIIKOO quantities help us achieve economies of scale with above stated benefits

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YIIKOO gives warranty, OEM cannot.

● Warranty is one of the most tangible benefits you enjoy with YIIKOO

● With stringent quality checks in place at multiple stages of production, YIIKOO products come with warranty

● With a brand name, the major benefit is YIIKOO comes with promise of credibility

● OEMs cannot offer any of these benefits

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“Exclusive” distributor for the region

● You get exclusive distribution rights for the region, if you commit base revenue target

● This will ensure you have no competition in the market you operate in

● The lucrative discount/incentive structure available to YIIKOO exclusive partners

● Source tailormade products for the market (subject to MOQ)

● Can also be authorized to sell on major online platforms in the region

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Access to private moulds

● As advantage of exclusivity you will have access to moulds which are YIIKOO’s IP

● OEM offer only public moulds

● With OEM other people can sell same product in your market at cheaper price

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Brand Support

● We will give brand support (store material etc.)

● OEM cannot do this.

● Our distributors in Saudi Arabia and Vietnam have opened dedicated YIIKOO wholesale stores

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Business Support

● We will list you on major B2B sites

● Digital marketing for lead generation and if we get inquiries from your country in Alibaba, trade shows, online etc. we will send the leads to you

● You cannot get this on OEM

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Online Sales

● YIIKOO is already selling online in some countries and we have Amazon global relationship

● We will support you to setup your own online store (YIIKOO in your country) and online store on Amazon, to do digital sales

● We can setup a b2b site also for you in your country

● You need not pay any fixed cost – you pay only if you get biz/orders

● You cannot sell unbranded goods on online easily

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Option for Profitable Exit

● If your country revenue becomes big, we can pay goodwill and buy the distribution company

● OEM has no value!

● You build value in the company also and not just sales

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Availability of Credit

● If your revenue grows, above USD 500 K per year, we can give you credit against Letter of credit, DA, DP etc.

● No one gives credit for OEM orders

● We will provide support to take your business to next level

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Low MoQ

● We can take orders for small quantities

● OEM cannot supply small quantity orders

● If they do, the cost will be high

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