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Research & Factory Tour


1.Endorsement of Brand Strength

Yiikoo has rich resources of supply chains in the industry and strong competence of resource integration, fully testing and verifying the whole process from input quality control, product development to process production, so as to ensure the quality and dependability of products.

2.Self-owned R&D Team

Yiikoo has built a professional R&D team to create distinctive quality products, and meets clients’ diverse needs for products by taking an independent and innovative development route and with its excellent product development capacity and core technologies.

3.Cutting-edge Design Style


Yiikoo tries to integrate fashionable and artistic elements into its product design, and provide global consumers with mobile accessories with rich humanistic beauty, technological quality and unique connotation.

4.Perfect After-sales Services

Perfect after-sales services are the extension of our product value and important guarantee of clients’ interests. Yiikoo promises responsive and effective after-sales services, automatic online reception with intelligent customer services around the clock, so that clients don’t have to wait to be responded.